Who is responsible?

March 2, 2009 4:44am CST
i was in Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh with my father on 25 th February 2009. it was a very horrible day for the countrys history. i went there to have my fathers treatment. on that day at 9.00 am i heard a news of masakar in a news. then i was advised by some other doctors that not to go out at that time because a huge firing was happening in the BDR soldiers camp. in 25th february that day was a conference day of BDR sodiers. there are a lot of high officers gather there in order to attend the metting. around three thousands of soldiers gather here. in that conference there was some unknown problems occured and the soldiers got annoyed and started firing to the senior army officers. they killed the head of BDR and wife and some other high officals in spot. there are 172 two army man were present there. among them only 22 are rescued safely and others are killed by the siesed firing. the angry soldiers blocked the area with heavy fire arms. the government ordered them to surrender their weapons but they didnt listen to it. the whole country was in fear. after killing the arm men they burried them beside the BDR camp . after two days the rescue team discovred the dead bodies almost perished. they also kidnaped the family of army men . some of them are also killed by the anoyed soldiers. a lot of soldiers went away from the camp after murdering so burtely with their arms. the country is now declared this day as a day of sad day. is it possible to recover a great loss by regaining a lot of high army officials like them ?
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@underdogtoo (9591)
• Philippines
2 Mar 09
It is always a sad day when people kill other people. I am appalled at how people can easily kill other people.
@dralon (88)
• Zimbabwe
2 Mar 09
I will be praying for your nation today. It is so sad when people to not respect others' lives. May the peace of God be with you and your country during such a terrible time.
• Sweden
2 Mar 09
thank you. please pray for our country and also for the families who lost their loving members. it feels so bad. so bad.
@HelScream (2823)
• Philippines
2 Mar 09
I have heard about this news from a friend of mine in your place he is a media person thats why he knows almost all the details about this. I was sudden to hear about this my friend and sad at the same time. I also heard that women are being raped too.and many horrible story that happened. He asked me to pray for your country and all the victims of the killing. Words cannot describe how sad I was to hear about this. All my best friends are from your place. I really do hope and pray that all of this would end soon. As for who is responsible their are lots of speculations about this but the main thins is I hope this all would end soon.