"PM me for details" nonsense.

@maezee (38838)
United States
March 2, 2009 1:56pm CST
Am I the only one who thinks this "PMw me for details" line is getting REALLY old? If you're a little confused, I'm talking about how desperate people are for referrals here on MyLot, so much that they will refuse to give a genuine answer to a question in the "make extra money" section. Someone will ask a legitimate question, such as "which are the best GPT/PTC/Paid to Post sites?" or "how can I make money online?", and a lot of MyLotters will only say something like "Add me and PM me for details" or something along those lines. Personally, I think this is AS BAD as posting your referral link (which is not allowed). It's spammy, and doesn't answer the question at all. It's just weird to me that people will refuse to give out NAMES of legitimate sites in hopes that the discussion-poster will add them as a friend, and PM them, just to be given their referral link. Now, I know the importance of getting referrals for other programs, but personally, this is just annoying to me. Does this bug anyone else? Does anyone else think this is shady? Have you done this or do you do this now? If so, what's your justification? Have you actually had any success with this?
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@eichs1 (1934)
• Philippines
2 Mar 09
I agree with you 100%. Such responses should be considered a spam and so are the threads about sites where the starter said "PM me" instead of stating the site's name. These discussions are truly nothing but for referral downline building and are never meant to be talked about.
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@maezee (38838)
• United States
2 Mar 09
Seriously! I'm glad someone agrees with me. And honestly, I think it's just RUDE too, because it's not promoting honest discussion of it. I like to think that most of us here at myLot would like to genuinely discuss ways of making money online, rather than try to trick each other into becoming each other's referrals. *rant*. Thanks for responding!
@delkar (1715)
• Romania
5 Mar 09
well, i don`t like that, but to be honest, i did it once, and now i regreat that. I did it, because i was at the begining, and i was thinking that if i`ll give them my reff link they will join and they will be active,and i`ll make a lot more money. But now, as i saw that nobody didn`t joned with my reff link, on a program that wasn`t presented on mylot, i decided that i`ll tell just the site, without my reff link. Now, i hate thouse that are doing just what i was doing here, but i just hope that they will see that we all should be friends, and not just looking to make more than others, or more. Hope that you all will forgive me for what i did before, and i promise that i`ll say all without any ref link! :D IT`s a PROMISE!
@cooiky (548)
• China
3 Mar 09
i never send messages to the users who say this. i did this before,but i forgot about it after days. another question,if some user ask you to check it on his profile page or blog,will you do this?