Teen Idol

March 2, 2009 2:57pm CST
Donny Osmond, was my teen idol, million others to, as the song goes, "It was more than just a Puppy Love", for, those of us who loved Donny, then, still love him today. I was thrilled beyond words seeing Donny, in concert in Brighten, about six years ago now, he was everything, more, I, ever dreamt he would be. Everywhere, I looked, there was not an empty seat in sight. Donny, continues, to thrill, excite, wherever, he goes, it is not hard to see, why, he is still so loved today. He has this certain magic, which is often missing in a lot of groups, singers, today, who come, go, in a passing moment, for, its true, ,who started out so young, are often the most committed to what they believe in, which, is, why, singers, like, Donny (his brothers/sister) are still going strong, in this crazy, changing world of pop, when, many others have fallen by the way side. Donny, is an all round entertainer, as well as a wonderful singer, who, is willing to try his hand at anything, life throws at him, when, so many new singers seem afraid to give it a go, if, they go a few feet out of their comfort zone. Is,it, that, Donny, is so relaxed now, he is at ease with everyone he meets or simply, very good at what he does? A bit of both, I believe, after, having, lived out his life in the full glare of the public eye ever since he was a little boy, as made him feel comfortable in what he does, where he chooses to go, where's in the past, he did not have the same kind of control. Any great singer will not be able to maintain the top forever without some slip up's along the way, those who apprecaite who they are, where they come from, will regain the love, find their place again .(Did Donny, ever really lose it, I do not believe so, it was just part of growing up)he was not ready then, now, he can embrace his past. Yet, he could had taken the easy way out, his face a lone would had made him money, (still does) then, we would had been deprived of hearing his lovely voice, he could had stayed in the back ground letting his brothers/sister do all of the hard work, he did not, he apprecaites how hard it was to get where he is today, life is tough, no-one will hand it to you on a plate if you are not prepared to get out there, do your bit. Some Stars, feel, they owe the right to be pushy, in your face all of the time, yet, it is not an endearing quality, they should be proud of, people will soon tie of hearing, seeing the same old thing, time in time out again, when their intentions are not sincere, only, for, what they can get out of it. What you see, with Donny, is, what you get, I like everything, I have seen, known, about him, can you say, the same thing about mostly everyone in Show Business, sadly, I think, not?
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3 Mar 09
Yes, I think that some singers have earned there 'legend' status, others not! I think it also can be nice when you get a 'Package Deal' with your favourite star where they are not only great singer/songwriters, but also nice people, perhaps who have something in their character thats to admire. Also, with the multitalented then some may also have another skill like presenting or acting. I think that your also right about the way stars may behave too,I have never heard of Donny been a 'Diva'(male version!) which is not something I could say for loads of stars!