If given a chance...what if?

March 2, 2009 9:48pm CST
Ofcourse choosing our own way is the result of being who and where we are right now. Am a mom of a smart 3 year old boy (young mom actually LOL) i got preggy in an early age but i just want to make things clear LOL am happy and very blessed with my life now *wink* but have you come up and think all the what ifs. what would be your life style? or your careeer- we have lot of things that we plan ahead of time and i know some are mission accomplished some are not. my major dream is this one: if i don't have a child right now i travelled all places not the whole world LOL but beautiful places here in our country...first :D but now if ever and we're planning my son sy son will be with us ;) i know everything happens for a reason and God is so good with HIS plans. ;) bout yours? happy myLotting!:) Godabless!0=)
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@oyenkai (4396)
• Philippines
27 Apr 09
I'm single and childless. And part of my dream is to travel, I've only been working for a year and I don't have enough for the purpose. Even if I did, I wouldn't want to go alone - and now that I don't have your obligations, I ask myself, why am I not traveling? Because life is hard and money is difficult to earn and traveling seems like a waste when you're not doing it with the people you love :) I love where I am right now, I just don't like how hard life is. I guess there's nothing I can do about THAT one :P But you asked me to think about "what ifs" instead, you made me think why I'm not doing what I REALLY want. I guess it's the high price to pay for an ideal future. Thanks for the response on my discussion!
• United States
3 Mar 09
My sister always quotes what the bible says and I'm not sure where it is, I think in Proverbs, that man makes his plans but God directs his paths. We laugh about that a lot (me and my sisters). No one's life goes as we planned. When I was young I thought I would like to crawl up into God's lap and peak at his plan for me. As it has turned out, I am glad that I did not. It is always good, but sometimes it takes twists and turns that I would have been afraid to walk through. It is perfectly natural to want to travel and experience things in life. When your family is grown, you will still be young enough to have many good days and enjoy a lot of dreams. In the meantime, you are building memories with your children. This is a win/win situation.