November 10, 2006 3:49am CST
How many times do you eat fastfood in a week or a month?
6 responses
@Joe822 (4)
• China
10 Nov 06
When i have no time but feel hungry I'll first think of fastfood, cz it's very fast to get and very fast to eat. About several times a week, I think.
• Singapore
11 Nov 06
i believe i'll think of fastfood 1st when i feel hungry and have no time but i only have them several times a month and that's enough for me :)
• Pakistan
10 Nov 06
in a week and i'm really manic about fast foods and cold drinks
@devilangelo (4525)
• India
10 Nov 06
a couple of times in a week :)
@moneymind (10519)
• Philippines
10 Nov 06
i do not like eating over fastfood places. greetings. : )
@hermanica (390)
• Philippines
10 Nov 06
aahhmmm i think about trice a month...i love eating in fastfoods but its too trying to save money kc..
@wildpvcgal (1085)
10 Nov 06
I porbs eat fast food a couple of times a month, I treat me n the kids. xx