Do you think publicity is necessary for political parties during elections??Why?

@dsharat (456)
March 3, 2009 9:42am CST
Hello everyone!! In my opinion,politicians should not be given a chance to give publicity of their political parties.As they spend a huge amount of money in doing this(some of their own money also).So, if they come into power they will definitely take back their money in terms of public money.Ultimately we(public) are the losers.Even Barack obama has spent huge amount of money to reach people and to spread his promises etc.., What I feel is,political parties should just release their agenda once and they should remain quite.Or else they should post their agenda and other promises to each and every house.Which will reduce the amount spent in publicity. So,mylotters what is your opinion...? Please share with us.. Keep mylotting. Keep smiling!!!
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@bbsr13 (4197)
• India
3 Mar 09
Hello,Sharat! Needless to say the politicians of today win the election by money and muscle power.In course of their campaigning they just show there strength to the voters and make false promises to do so many things for the people.And after getting elected and soon after entering in to the Parliament and Assemblies they engage themselves in accumulating huge money by unfair means and forget all about their promises to the voters..They don't mind for the party ideology or the dignity of the office.So while electing some one we must be very much choosy.thanx.