Is Mumbai hitting the saturation point? - suhas katti

Chennai, India
March 3, 2009 12:16pm CST
Traffic jams, noise, air & water pollution, overcrowded trains, long commuting hours, concrete jungle,dirth & grime all around, hawkers on the footpath... I am sure that this is a common scenario in any of India's metros.. but it is felt more acutely in Mumbai - the city of dreams as it is rightly called..This magnet that attracts people is also one of the reasons for it's slow degradation. The continous influx of people has highlighted lack of foresight on the part of city planners in terms of developing infrastructure.All talks of turning Mumbai in to world class city is going to to be a distant dream!!!mumbaites have also to be blamed for this state of affairs..Totally unconcerned; we carry on our normal activities; hoping that someone else will raise the issues.. we need to collectively fight to improve the image of Mumbai.. Few groups/ individuals are slowly getting involved in improving their immmediate locality. It is important to sustain & increase this momentum..
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