Leaving children Unattended...

United States
March 3, 2009 9:44pm CST
Home Alone the movie was a comedy on a boy staying home alone and it was funny, but things like that do happen and have been happening forever. Just recently I have seen the movie Changeling with Angelina Jolie and it had such impact and emotion on what someone goes through when losing a child. What is your opinion on leaving a child home alone and are there things that parents can do to make less of this common vice.
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@daneg33 (1131)
• Canada
4 Mar 09
When I was a child I was often left at home alone. Now that I am a parent, I would not dream of doing that. Our provincial laws are that a child can be home alone if they are 10 years of age. My daughter will be 10 next May and I will be enrolling her in the home alone course so that she can be at home before and after school alone only. My son who is 4 still goes to daycare and will be in daycare until he is also 10. It is just irresponsible to leave children home alone unless they are at least 10.
• United States
4 Mar 09
I think that to, and to say in todays world is just not true. As the movie(based on a true story) showed, it was happening back in the 1920's. Its never going to be perfect, just glad to see there is responsible parents like you who not only wait until its legal for a child to be left alone but go above and beyond to teach them what it means to be home alone.
@besthope44 (12141)
• India
22 May 10
I would say thats really the irresponsible act of parents. When they cant take care of the kids, they dont need to have them.
@jules67 (2790)
• Philippines
9 Jul 09
Just imagining what you have said, leaving a child totally alone , all by himself/herself sends me shivers. It is not safe to leave the kids outside, not safe to leave them at home alone as well. Just the thought of it happening is scary. I think I would not be able to forgive myself if that happens.
@Elixiress (3887)
5 May 09
I don't think that children the age of the boy in Home Alone should be left at home while the family goes on holiday. But for a few hours, such as before or after school while the parents are at work or something then that is okay. I am not sure if I could put an age on when this is fine, because it all depends on the child's maturity and how responsible they are: 1) Can they open and lock the door 2) Can they turn the house alarm on and off 3) Would they invite loads of friends in to trash the place I think that I was about 8/9 when I was first left in the house alone, whereas my younger sister was 12/13 before she was left in the house alone. My sister was not quite as mature and my Mam did not think it was wise to leave her in the house alone since she gets scared, could not remember the code of the alarm etc.
• China
4 Apr 09
every one has himslef's love , we can't chang it , so i syou like , you can wach , if you can't , you can not wach it , its my opinion
@yAks89 (589)
• Philippines
4 Mar 09
If you don't join them, someone will. And that someone could be a bad influence.