When the possiblity are available they seems to less worthy?

`Be happy with what you have is great! - Work hard to invest in your dreams.
@anetteh (3591)
March 3, 2009 10:13pm CST
I read in an article "When the possiblity are available they seems to less worthy". There has been an investigation amongst the young people about their fruture dreams. And it seems that if they can do things and have access to everyting, it may be less worthy. It is like, if you have lots of money to use and spend, it seems worthless to them since they can get everything they want, and not have to work for it, the money in that sentense is worhtless. For us, that are working for our money it might be far more fun to save to get that thing, or take that trip you dreaming about. You feel the satisfaction of the accomplishemnt in work, save and buy. I tend to a course about my working enviroment, and one of the "teachers" say that the third generation who inherit money, are not that happy as the normal standings people, and I feel it might be true, they have everything already and do not need to work and save for their dreams, and do not feel the satisfaction of that you have accomplished something. Waht do You think? I would like to hear Your comments, Thanks.
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@mammamuh (582)
• Sweden
4 Mar 09
I would say yes and no. It depends so much on the person. I belive that the ones that have nothing at all feels worse - at least in a country like this. There is always goals to find even if you have enough money - money doesn't make you happy, but it's way easier to have money than not to have any!
@anetteh (3591)
• Sweden
6 Mar 09
I agree with you do some extend. However, if you have a goal and a dream, you work for it right. And I feel it must be a better feeling knowing you worked to get it. Rather than go to my bank account and just get the money, you did not worked for, but inherit, and just buy what ever you wanted. It is shore easier if you have money, but i feel working for Your money is far better than inerit it and not need to do anyting for it.