It is life saving....

March 3, 2009 11:04pm CST
What kind of workout are you into. I would say do Yoga. Its going to change your life forever. In yoga as well try and do both asnas (physical Exercise) as well the Pranayams (breathing exercise). The combination of both these will keep anybody healthy and will live longer. I am doing yoga for sometime now. It has changed my life alot. I am more fit and positive looking person. Here in India there is a yoga revolution going on. Hope it continues long and give good fruits. Are you into yoga or not. My suggestion is everyone should adopt it as a life style. You can cure any disease. .....
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@veejay19 (3590)
• India
4 Mar 09
Hello puja, jai ho! I learned yogic asanas in 1970 and practised them until 1986. After that in 1992 i was initiated into Kriya Yoga by my Guru who came into my life then.Kriya Yoga is the highest form of Yogic discipline which has a secret and powerful Pranayam as its base with different types of meditation techniques that can lead Man to his ultimate goal of Self Realisation.This yoga system is not available in any books but taught personally by the Guru or his autorised representative. It is not simply a system dealing with the physical body but deals with the mind and the soul. If you want more information you should read "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramahamsa Yogananda.All the best.
• Philippines
4 Mar 09
the only exercise im having right now is playing basketball..that's it since im very busy..