March 4, 2009 2:07am CST
In the midst of my craziness and addiction these past few days, I just suddenly have this urge to blog. I dunno what to write, but I just have this feeling that I need to express myself thru writing this very minute. Time really flies so fast. It’s really very scary sometimes to think that time is humanity’s biggest enemy to conquer and compete with everyday. May be most don’t even bother to analyze because they are too occupied with their daily life dramas, but no matter how busy I am, there’s actually no days that I forget to think about TIME. TIME is all we have in this life time. We are all equal with time because all of us have limited ones. The moment your time is over, then, you won’t definitely be analyzing this kind of stuff. Have you ever wondered if there’s no such thing as time? This means the extinction of all species. Everything is empty and there’s no such thing as life. People are complaining everyday about poverty, corruption, money, love problems and all, but did they think just for once how they spend their time that they ended up losing their money, losing their loved ones…? I mean how can we be so blind not to value the precious times we have? Time is something that we cannot go back to. If 12:26am in the 25th of February of 2009 can be repeated, then, there would be no such thingas regrets. It’s because people can go back to that time and change their mistakes, change their actions, change their wrong decisions. But there’s NO such thing as time backtracking. That only happens in fictional dramas, and can never be in eality. The vulnerable human specie has no other choice, but to continue living until his time to be buried six feet under will come. I just hope that when my time comes, it would be painless, and my Shinigami will visit me while I’m asleep.
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@snowcat46 (2322)
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4 Mar 09
What's a shinigami? If you feel the urge to blog, do it. Give in to any writing urges. They're a gift. And writer's block is out there waiting to strike at any time, so the urge is a great one. Go with it!! Embrace the writing fever!