do you believe in witchcraft?? and spells??

@zulito (174)
March 4, 2009 8:53am CST
in sudamerika at the moment is quite famous,... and many people tell my family we should be carefull what do you think about it?
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@Galena (9120)
4 Mar 09
of course I believe in Witchcraft. I was raised in a family of Witches, and learned it as I learned other things growing up. Witchcraft is a tool that can be used for good or for ill, dependant on the desires of the person doing it. much like fire, or a knife, can be used to do good things or bad things, so can Magic.
@zulito (174)
• Germany
12 Mar 09
nice!! interesting.. can you teach me some?? :)
@JenInTN (27546)
• United States
12 Mar 09
I think I do believe in these things. There is such a history and a name for it in almost every language. I actually enjoyed reading books about Wicca and VooDoo when I was a younger although I never practiced it.Why must your family be careful?
@drdivu (1011)
• India
4 Mar 09
yup.. i do believe in these things.. i wish someone cud teach me all this.. where are u..?? wats famous..?? can u pls tell in detail about this..i m interested in it..
@cindyhxf (1447)
• China
4 Mar 09
hi about my point.i don't believe in witchraft or spells.but i understand why these words living in people 's mind for so long just image by some people's mind.just as do you believe in Angel?she is what people's one see Angel's is legendary.maybe some people said i am wrong,yes,maybe,cause they don't want their hope to be gone.