Governor Doyle and his Henchmen want to Disenfranchise the Poor and Elderly

@ParaTed2k (22971)
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
March 4, 2009 8:56am CST
Ol' King Doyle is up to his anti freedom, anti Constitution attacks against the elderly and poor once again. This time he want's to increase the gun registration and background fees from $8 to $30. The criminal Doyle and his mindless cesspool of tryants in the Legislature constantly defend voter fraud and other crimes against our nation and our state by whining "that will disenfranchise the poor and elderly"... But what about the right of the poor and the elderly to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights? I guess that is just too much to ask the dog vomit in Madison. It's not suprising and it isn't the first time Doyle has used deception, lies and jackboot tactics to deny us of our rights. He announced in a press conference that there is no need for concealled carry laws in Wisconsin, since state laws don't ban openly carrying guns anywhere "just like I do"... He said it as he tapped his own holster he wore on his hip. Of course, that part is true, there is no state law banning openly carrying guns... what he didn't add (and of course the incompetent press didn't challenge), is that Doyle and the state legislature encourages and strong arms city and county governments to pass laws against open carry. So now he is demanding that the most vulnerable to violent crime among us should be denied their right to defend themselves or even carry a legal product. Doyle would literally rather see a rapist succeed in attacking a woman than hear of her defending herself, or someone else stopping the rape. It's simple, anti gun is pro rape, and Jim Doyle is pro rape.
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