Have you ever sat and thought WHY about things in this world?

United States
March 4, 2009 9:58am CST
Have you ever sat and just wondered how we got to where we are in the world. The technological and medicinal advances are unbelievable. It sometimes weirds me out though to think that one individual along the way thought something up and now it is something that we use every day. What are some of the amazing inventions that you wonder about? Also, what are things you just couldn't live without and can't imagine what life was like before their invention?
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• Australia
5 Mar 09
In reality, it is rarely "one individual along the way" thinking up entirely new things. Most inventions build on what has gone before, and are rarely totally original. The basis of almost all of today's technology lies in our pre-literate past - the so-called "primitives" had almost all the "original" thoughts. Lash
• United States
5 Mar 09
Welcom to myLot! 'The Universe is such a fascinating place! There's no end to the things that bring with them wonder, awe, confusion and just about every other emorion. I love learning, so I have several graduate degrees and I read everything I can squeeze into a day. I wonder...