My friend is at it again

@jessi0887 (2792)
United States
March 4, 2009 11:42am CST
So last year my friend sold me her car because it was a piece of junk and i just needed something temporary. So when she sold it to me she had already put a new radio in it. She said she wouldn't need it and the fact that i had a son who like music she said i can use it instead. So i said okay. I bought the car as is. LAst month i got my tax return. The car she sold me was already going rapidly downhill and repairs were beyond my expense. So i went to an auction an bought a cheap car that turns out to be a great car. So now i sold the other car to my sister and her husband who want to fix it up. Of course i sold it as is. Well now everything in that car belongs to them and is their responsibility. NOw my friend just got a new car a few months ago. It has a working radio in it. She lost her job and needs extra money. So she ask me if she could get the cd player back. She wants to sell it so she can get money of course. Well the thing is one its not in my hands anymore. Two my sister has a baby and they can really use the radio for soothing purposes. My friend is being really selfish. She then says for me to get it back from them or buy her a new radio. What the h***!! She already owes me a hundred dollars. So i brought that up and said why dont you take it out of that. She says she doesn't owe me that money. That i voluntarily gave her that money and never asked for her to pay me back. If it was five dollars or even twenty it wouldn't be a big deal. But a hundred dollars and she thinks i dont need it back. So now i am just real pi**ed off. Sorry had to vent a little. RRRRR!!!!!!!
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@carolbee (16231)
• United States
5 Mar 09
Maybe you should tell your friend to get another job and buy her own radio or cd player. That's a little nervy to ask you for something back that she sold you with the car. Remind your friend once more that you loaned her $100 and did not give it to her. Might be a long time before you get it back if it even happens. I learned the hard way about loaning money to a friend. I did it twice. The first loan was finally paid back to me in full after I waited 4 years. The second one is another story. This is it for me. I won't loan a friend another cent. As a result of this last loan, to a friend of over 20 years, I am done with our friendship. I have to beg each month for something that is mine. I worked for it. This is what I get for being kind to a friend. I'm angry with myself.
@daneg33 (1131)
• Canada
4 Mar 09
Sorry to say this, but your "Friend" has some issues. Friends do not give things to you and then ask for them back. This "friend" needs to learn some manners. It sounds to me like this person is really not worth calling your "friend" or your time. I would dump her and move on. Life is too short to have people in your life that are "high maintenance".