your friend is annoying you

March 4, 2009 12:05pm CST
There;s a friend of mine, who is actually smart person, but she has a kind of temper that never accept other reason as long as her reason is true or right. All she believed everything is correct, and she always success in doing most the task. But she is still a woman after all, she is have such temper that make her become like annoyed... She maybe think that she is the best girl ever and come some ideas or opinions that for her it maybe threaten her, and she will reject that ideas like she is too holy to receive such sermon. This person is too believe herself that she can manage everything but actually she is not doing good with what is she doing. for her, it must be perfect, but for me, what she had done, she is not good as she think. This girl, because she doesnt want to hear any advice, then she will say, "ok, i c... go!" like "ok, i understand, let do it--- with such expression that actually say? "do you think it will be ok? hm, i dont think so... but since im a kind girl lets say yes and you will know that im a good leader!" and i feel uneasy with such attitude, if she doesnt want then tell it directly and not to make people difficult. Just few hours ago, we had meeting for our research paper, and this girl said, ok, you... A, B, and C... please help me to construct the designn for introduction and background for the study... like this and like this." and then we followed her, but this crazy mind of her, she came and corrected everything that we had construct--- spend energy and mind to do it, and im a kind of person who never want to waste my time for something useless and i know 100% will be rejected. And yes, the thing that we had made was useless... and its terrble for me to know that this girl is so annoyed annoying person. She is smart but she is stupid for think that she is smart, because she made already the her construction but the grammar are poor! Hmmm... is this smart? Or maybe smart in her mask? I dont know, but that what im feeling now...
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@skysuccess (8880)
• Singapore
5 Mar 09
manya_pearl, I find you quite opinionated about this classmate of yours and I think you need to look at her from another angle. I can assure you that she does have the valid reasons and qualities to be who she is and a seemingly narcissist. I mean who doesn't and yet amidst her strong plus side there will always be that ever present flaw - it is just human. Now, I know you may find her ways very highly self centered but has it ever occur to you that she is very good at being sharp and street wise. Due to this, she is quite fast when it comes to decisions, and I feel that she is not wrong trying to be accommodating at times rather than being straight out blatant. So, I would try to look the other way and see if her final decisions would be wrong. However, time and again she has proven that her decision was. As for your class project, I can understand that all of you may have poured in your 101% efforts. However, has it ever occur that once it is wrong there would not be any point continue and compromise the whole project when there is time to make amendments. It would be unthinkable to continue in the wrong direction and submit it, right? Sometimes, this is what separates leaders from mere followers and I hate to say this but she really seems to prove herself from what you have posted a worthy leader than otherwise here. No offense. Cheers and you have a nice day.