I am nuts with this Anti virus.spyware stuff that is supposed to clean it up!

@coffeebreak (17811)
United States
March 4, 2009 2:49pm CST
Okay, so I am trying to figure out spyware and anti virus and all.. I have used many. I currently have Avast, Yahoo AntiSpy, CCleaner. I even use the Tools/int options..to clean cookies, etc. Yet, I start with one, it runs, says all is fine, I run the next one and it picks up bunch of stuff, I remove it, run the next one and it picks up bunch of stuff and I remove it...etc... Question: Why are they not cleaning everything? I mean, I can see maybe the minor one like the Tools option not catching everything, but between CCLeaner and Avast..neither catch all of it...I can run one after another and they will both find things to remove. I downloaded a SpySearch and Destroy or whatever it is called... all that did was still, after I used every other cleaner... I ran this one and it found a bunch of things! But to remove them I have to pay for the program. And it slowed my speed down alot! I did a Windows update and it tried to update to SP3 so I stopped it but it downloaded a Security PRotection 2009 program which I later found out was a good scammer and had to find something else to remove that...and things from the registry of which I have no clue at all how to do that or where to even find it! Lord have mercy, I am nuts with this. Anyone have any suggestions as to a good "way to go"? I mean, I want it free, but if it costs me to get something that will stop this madness...I'll buy it! I just don't understand why 4 anti virus/anti spyware/anti adware places...still don't catch it all!
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• Puchong, Malaysia
5 Mar 09
there is no perfect antivirus or antispyware. there are all used to protect you according to you according to the level you set. if you set your antivirus or antispyware to the highest level, it will work better than normal setting but will slow your computer or might prompt you a lot of false alarm. last time I used spyware terminator with clamav + avast. a good combination. CCleaner? if I not mistaken, its only clean junk in your computer. not antivirus or antispyware... what ever you use.. remember this, avoid unknown email, websites & scan any movable drive before you use it.