The effect of sofa colour on violence management

AAaaarrrgggguuuhh!!! - i feel violent!
@xboxboy (5578)
March 4, 2009 3:34pm CST
After trawling through back issues of ' Scientific journal monthly ' the ugly debate of sofa colour schemes inciting violence rears its head again. After many months of tests conducted by the Philidelphia research institute regarding this issue it concludes that pastel sofas, for so long the favorite of many working for the UN, brought about peace and tranquility,whereas shades of crimson,violet and indigo sofas were responsible for extreme acts of violence. This study is substanciated by Pol Pot, who had a lovely scarlet brushed suede 3 piece suite. Within one month of purchase Pol Pot went on to commit some of the worst acts of genocide seen in the 20th century. Adolf Hitler was a popular art student, the heart of soul of vienna nightlife, until he went on to buy a purple corduroy two seater sofa for his student accomadation flat. Hitler purchased the sofa at an over inflated price from a company called 'weissman and goldsteins' which perhaps planted a seed of hatred which would manifest itsef into epic proportions when he then replaced it with a three seater with scarlet upholstery in 1939. This raises the question could furniture manufacturers be brought to account for being responsible for many of modern days atrocities? Could countries that produce large scale furniure mechandising to brought to trail in the Hague? Could in the near future Sweden suffer the fate of being declared bankrupt allowing her forests to replenish and causing a world wide drought of flat pack furnishing? Would this be a bad thing?
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