Should woman give up the career for her lover?

March 5, 2009 3:23am CST
From a traditional viewpoint,woman will come back home eventually.So it is reasonable for woman devote herself to family. But as the development of era,human's conception changed at the same time. According to abilities,interests and developement, woman is divided into three styles: family style,carrer style,enjoyable style. Few women are willing to become a housewife in this modern society. Should woman give up her career for her lover?
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@HelloMickey (1656)
• Hong Kong
5 Mar 09
Why should a woman quit their job for marriage? I am married and quite worried about my career, being a housewife is indeed a hard and very boring work. Being a housewife, you would not get a day off, you need to do almost every hours in a day. If a mother needs to care their childern/family members and has to quit her job, that's another case. I am okay with that rather than giving up career for my lover.
@laydee (12809)
• Philippines
5 Mar 09
I think it's not really 'giving up' the career for the lover, but giving up too much ambition to be with the family. In the society today, it's very impractical for a wife to just stay home to rear the children, present income for the breadwinner couldn't suffice the need of an average family. Plus, employees are being laid-off. I don't mean to undermine the abilities of women, but for my part, I think women or I should be the one to take care of the kids, thus, I shouldn't pursue ambitions on careers and other promotions because my obligation is to keep the family together and to properly educate my children of values. This doesn't mean I shouldn't work, I would still work, but my time with my job should be minimal, I would just help out my husband with the expenses, but he should be the primary breadwinner. Yes, husbands may have the ability to be at home too, but I don't think they're made to be housebands, I think they're maid to wear the pants more than women are. Look how families are with wives being the primary breadwinners, it doesn't only take out the ego of the husband, but there's a huge difference on how women rear children than men do. This is the main reason why now, as I am still single, I try to work hard and save up, so that when I do have my family, I would have enough savings to help out my husband, and not force him to work too hard thus having no more time for me and our family. Well, I know I'm still idealistic, but I'm sure that could happen. My mom isn't actually a housewife, neither is she a career woman, she's in the middle of both worlds, she takes care of our needs, at the same time she earns too, but she always sees to it that before her husband comes home (my father) she will already be at home taking care that when he does arrive, there will be food on the table and she'd be there for the kids. She doesn't actually earn that high, but her little earnings could really help out well in times of emergencies. This is actually my ideal life as a mom and wife. But we'll see where the road would lead us. What's your thoughts on this?