Lactose intolerant

March 5, 2009 7:22am CST
Good morning. Pretty sure my 8 year old daughter is lactose intolerant. My mom is and I am and it seems that she is as well. I have always wondered why she always gets these belly aches and now it has finally come to surface. Does anyone have any advice about this? Thanks
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1 Apr 11
maybe this help
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• Philippines
5 Mar 09
i'm also lactose intolerant but i'm one of those who can tolerate lactose in other forms and in minute quantities. that's now. but when i was a baby that was different. my 3 year old son is also lactose intolerant. it was immediately ordered about 3 months after his birth that he take lactose free milk because of his skin allergy. i tried soy milk and was fine with it until my child turned 6 months and he has to switch to another formula. he dislikes the taste of lactose free milk and luckily we were able to find a regular milk that didn't trigger his skin allergy. when he turned 2 he started having diarrhea each and everytime he would drink his milk. i had to give him the 3 in 1 ovaltine that has milk in it. until he turned 3, which is his present age, and he started having diarrhea again. guess, it's valid since i read somewhere that lactose intolerance can worsen with age. he drinks tang now since it has calcium in it and his multivitamins has calcium in it too.