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March 5, 2009 3:09pm CST
I've been suffering from hypothyrerosis for at least two years. What I mean is that I got the diagnosis two years ago, but I don't know how long I've had the condition itself. I'm currently taking Levaxin (a synthetic thyroid hormone) since my body can't produce the hormones it needs. My parents were suspecting hypothyreosis when I was younger, because I gained much weight in little time even though I was excercising daily and lead an otherwise active life, got tired easily, and had problems with my period. However, no doctor took it seriously and never took any tests. They said that we were just trying to excuse my laziness. I was found to have this condition when I was checking up on my anemia that I had due to long, heavy periods. So it was a bit of a shock, really. For those of you who don't know, hypothyreosis means that the thyroid gland can't produce enough hormones to keep the body in check. The thyroid hormones are needed just about everywhere in the body and are essential for the cells to work correctly. They are also essential for bone growth and metabolism. This is why hypothyreoid people often gain weight without eating too much or excercising too little. Children with hypothyreosis won't grow normally unless they eat synthetic hormones. Going too long without medicine is harmful to the body. Hypothyreosis can misdiagnosed as depression or ADHD. Symtoms can be weight gain, depression, feeling cold, not having energy, edema and dry skin/hair. Does anyone else suffer from this condition? How long have you been on medication? Can you live your life normally? Did you manage to lose weight? I would be very grateful for a response. Thank you!
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5 Mar 09
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