Food Advertising Fraud

@Sky347 (33)
United States
March 5, 2009 3:37pm CST
I can't stand when I order some take out or even dine in and the food looks no where near the way it did in the advertisement! Subway is a perfect example. If you order a sub that has 3 meats, they just plop the meat onto the bread. you can't even tell the difference between the meats because they are so clumped together. But in the commercial the meats are separated and look appetizing. Does anyone else think that there is something wrong with that? We as consumers are being deceived by these advertisements. We're not getting what is advertised. Or is it ok because we are getting the same ingredients even if they are sloppy or burned. Has anyone ever complained to a restaurant about this and/or returned the food? Or maybe even made them redo the food properly? I'd be afraid of them spitting in myfood or worse.
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