Does my ex boyfriend deserve a second chance?

March 5, 2009 10:41pm CST
My ex-boyfriend told me a month ago that his ex-girlfriend gives birth to a baby boy and contacted him. He told me that she's telling him that the baby was not his but she wants him to go to their place to see the baby and to brought all her things that she left from his house. He told me that he will not go there. After that, I keep on sending him text messages to know how he was and I got mad because he didn't find time to respond. He keeps on telling me that he's busy with his activities in school and he got mad because I'm always checking him. Few days passed, I found out that he's been posting the baby's picture to his friendster and he seems so happy. I make some conclusions into my mind that he's been ditching me and he was with his ex girlfriend all this time. Now he wanted to explain everything and told me that he really loves me. I don't know if he deserves a second chance. I still love him but I'm afraid to give him another chance to hurt me. P Please help me. Post your suggestions.
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• United States
6 Mar 09
If you take him back be ready to deal with his ex and the baby he is saying is not his. If I am to be completly honest with you I have to tell you that I could not date a man who has a baby with another woman. I also feel that if the baby is not his then why does he care so much. I wish you luck, trust yourown opinion about him.
• Philippines
6 Mar 09
he doesn't have to lie to me because he knows that I can accept everything even if it hurts. Anyway, thanks for your suggestion. I'll think about this.
@angel2009 (210)
• India
6 Mar 09
I think you should try to find out the truth first. Do you trust your boyfriend and believe fully that the baby is not his? If yes then I think you can give him a second chance. But if you doubt his honesty then you have got the answer because your doubt must have arised out of a reason and it's futile to carry the burden of a relationship where there is no trust. Best Of Luck!!