fear of death or no?

United States
March 5, 2009 11:38pm CST
Some people say they are afraid to die. Some say they cant wait to rest thier weary head. Some people just lived a full life and are ready for thier time. what exsactl are your feelings on this? Death in my eyes is beautiful. At the same time I don't know how im going to die. Will it be in my sleep? Will i get murdered for some reason? Will I get cancer? Will it be slow or fast? No body knows thats the mystery about it. I'm not afraid though I know that either way if i died tomarrow, I would know that i loved all i could and lived all i could. So a short 20 years wouldnt bother me. Anyway what are your feelings on it feel free to tell me anything and ill even reply back to you. Abe Lincoln said "And in the end, It's not the years of your life that count it's the life of your years."
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@carrine (2748)
• Philippines
6 Mar 09
NO, because i am ready, we should always be ready to die, because thats the reality! and thats why were still alive, we should not do bad things, commit sins, ask for forgiveness for our sins, because if we die .. no more chance to do those stuff, and we cannot enter the kingdom of GOd.
@mermaidivy (15404)
• United States
6 Mar 09
Nobody knows how the heck they are going to die. I would not be fearful if I lived my life beautifully and everybody that I love is happy. I don't care.
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@1989622 (68)
• China
6 Mar 09
When i was a child , I'm afraid to die . because i think there are so many things that i haven't experanced. Im an adult now . I just take it easy . It will come sooner or later. SO before it come ,I will try to enjoy my life.
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@dodo19 (40152)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
6 Mar 09
No, I'm not afraid of dying. It's not that I want to die, but I've accepted the fact that it's going to happen, when it happens. I don't know how it's going to happen. Like a lot of people, I think, I'd prefer to die in my sleep, but whichever way it happens, it happens the way it's suppose to. In the mean time, I just take advantage of the time that I have with the people that I love, and I cherish every moment.