Is the life boring to you working everyday just for bread and butter?

March 6, 2009 2:00am CST
I am not born in a affluent family, so i can not live without working. Everyday, get up - working - lunch - working - supper. Repeating same routin everyday, I am really going to be crazy. All the dreams have become bubbles, which i do not have to to fulfill. If you under same situation, will you have the same feeling with me?
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• Hong Kong
6 Mar 09
Hi, Lilyqinn, believe in what you believe and go for it, stop blaming the routine and start thinking how to break through. Enjoy the routine, you may learn much thing in it. One day, you will be what you want to be. Happy myLotting !!
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@NancyXie (78)
• China
6 Mar 09
Dont be frustrated,work hardly,I believe you will be success.Life is never easy.Dont give up. I am in the same situation with you :P