Can sombody explain MyLot Time for me?

March 6, 2009 3:08am CST
I´m new to this Forum and there is somethings I cant get a grip on, so I kindly ask somebody to explain this for me 1 What GMT time is the update of the earnings, we so generous gets ? I know its not the same time every day, but aruound what time? 2 Whats gets updated ? All the postings from last update? or is there some kind of 24h that I need to be aware about.... 3 The amounts for each activity is what.... I´m hopeful somebody might answere the question even thou it´s kind of messy.
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@mrsl2008 (634)
6 Mar 09
ROFL!! Your me a month ago!! x x I can't remeber the exact time for turnover but I think it's between 12 & 2 in the afternoon (I may be worng but I'm fairly sure). The amount varies & mylot have a formula to work it out but no one is sure of how exactly. It depends on their revenue for the day & how many posts. Also the content of your post is important, good quality with a fair quantity will get more reward than a 1 line discussion. I don't understand what you mean by updated?? I hope this helps MrsL x x