how would you react if your crush knew you have a crush on him/her?

March 6, 2009 5:30am CST
argf..I have a friend who talked about her experience about her crush.. She walked by the school premises when they talked about her crush later on she discovered that her crush is walking behind them?..she freaked out and ran....If you're the girl in this situation what would you do?
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16 Mar 09
get embarrassed of course, but now, thinking back on my grade school and high school days, i just laugh on those memories, i think all my crushes knew i had a crush on them. but how would you feel if i change crushes every year haha =) i don't crush on a guy for long, after sometime i see someone more handsome or attractive haha, those were the days, right now i am happy with my partner who by the way knew i had a crush on him. and we are together for three years now =)
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16 Apr 09
aw that's nice :)