ooh... I want to sleep...

March 6, 2009 9:59am CST
once i was dreaming that i was sleeping.the most favourable thing that i want to do is sleeping.why i like it? .i dont know but i love to sleep.now my time is getting so harder that i get a little time to sleep.so im feeling it from deep of my heart.my friend,dont you feel the sleep. do you get enough time to sleep,or not get enough time to sleep like me.ooh... i want to sleep...
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@falconx (221)
• Finland
7 Mar 09
Maybe you should try to practice Lucid dreams.. Then you are in heaven. Lol
• Philippines
6 Mar 09
Oh Why? Are you having a real hard time sleeping? Maybe a glass of hot milk would help to make you sleep or read a book to tire your eyes. Sometimes when we do loads of work in a day it makes us tired. Why don't you do that. It might help or better yet consult a doctor.
• Canada
6 Mar 09
Hi neelbon, Oh, you must really feel tired, I can just sense it. You even dream about sleeping. So you must be getting some sleep if you are dreaming, right? Can you remember the details of the dream? Often when people first start to fall asleep they get a dream right away. Knowing what you dream about could help you understand why you are not sleeping well. The dream is waking you up and you can't get back to sleep. Try this link for more information: http://adreams-teller.blogspot.com.
@Canellita (12056)
• United States
6 Mar 09
When I was younger I could exist on just a few short hours of sleep per night but as I got older that changed and I need my full eight! I love sleep because it is so restful and unless I have crazy dreams it is the time I am most relaxed. Perhaps it is because as we get older we have more responsibilities and obligations and are almost constantly under some form of stress or another.