What would you do?

@CRIVAS (1818)
March 6, 2009 12:34pm CST
A cousin of mine was renting the upper level of a house while another couple rented the basement. Well it turns out that the couple in the basement were drug dealers. My cousin has three children and she stays at home (alone) with them while her husband works. She grew more and more conserned when she noticed that the couple was doing more and more deals from the basement. There were more than a few strange visitors coming to the house late at night and my cousin finally decided to call the police. Apparently that wasn't a good idea. My cousin and the other tenants share a laundry room. The were obviously not happy about the police visit and decided to retaliate. They set fire to my cousins childrens clothes. Needless to say, my cousin packed up and moved out. What would you do? Would you just move away and let them get away with distroying your things? Or would you move out and then call the police and press charges?
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@mechace1 (50)
• United States
6 Mar 09
That's really bad. I would personally move out and let the people get away with destroying the clothes. Mine, and my kids, personal safety is much more important then a couple pieces of burned clothes.
• Philippines
6 Mar 09
Geez, that's horrible! I feel sorry they were in that situation. I think it's just right to call the cops 'cause the couple were really disturbing and there are children concern. Yeah, I think your cousin should definitely press charges. It's a wise thing to move out temporarily, they don't wanna be in the same house with that couple. Just bring it to the authority's attention 'cause what they're doing is illegal and they even set fire. They don't wanna tolerate people like that. Hope your cousin and her kids are doing well. Good luck.
@Archie0 (5061)
6 Mar 09
Well this was a real serious case infact. in this case we really do not understand what exactly to be done because we cant run our minds then, afetr everything gets over or we are not into such poblems then we can think better still it would be much more good if your cousin and her children first moved out from there and then informed the police about it, without letting anyone know where she has moved otherwise then she would have more problems lately from those dealers. but thankfully your cousin is out of it now