The Newer Sidekick Brand Cell Phones

United States
March 7, 2009 1:28am CST
I just called and got information on the newer "Sidekick" model cell phone from T-Mobile - the one that can record video. Oh, my word! What a rip-off!! Why did they even bother making it? For one thing, you can only take 30 seconds worth of video. Secondly, you can't even play videos from YouTube or other video sites. Seriously! Why did they even bother? Plus, they've gone up in price on their data plan. It now costs $34.99/month to have unlimited texting, web browsing, and e-mails/IM. When I signed up 6 or 7 years ago, my data plan only costed me $19.99/month for unlimited texting, web browing, and e-mails/IM. I still only pay $19.99/month (plus my $39.99 phone plan). What's really lame is that people are actually paying $34.99 for this data plan!! Are they nuts? So, what I want to know if what type of phone do you have, how much did it cost you, and how much is your plan/what does your plan include?
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@mommyboo (13174)
• United States
3 May 09
LOL! I have a sidekick, a slide. I bought it in 2008 and despite the fact that there are issues with customization (I think all of the sidekicks have this issue), it's still a great phone. My data plan is the same cost as yours, and I recently signed up for a customer loyalty plan which is unlimited minutes. I used to have the same plan as yours along with my fave five, but now I don't have to worry about going over at all. As far as the video thing, it DOES irritate me that I cannot play video or music from sites such as youtube. I can also only use ringtones from the catalog, sidekicks do not support content from other sites. I used to make my own ringtones and send them to my phone, customize backgrounds with photos and collages and whatnot. I think this is one of the only phones you cannot do this with. Yes it bites, but eventually there will be something similar but better that can be fully customized and I'll trade up at that time. I finally found my usb so I started adding songs to my music player lol. By the way, I don't think people are 'nuts' if they use the phone a lot for web/email/other data. When you think about the single charges for those things, they are through the roof. A single received text message is like 15 cents... I bet anything that the pic messages are 25, emails and probably expensive if you pay for them each. My original data plan on my phone was 9.99 and the only reason I had to up it to the other one was because the sidekick does not function correctly unless you have the whole data plan. I had had unlimited text only when I upgraded to this phone. That meant my fave five did not come up, the data-enabled services didn't function right, and some of the shortcuts on my phone didn't work. it was too much of a pain in the butt to keep what I could use from what I couldn't use, so I just paid an extra 10 bucks to remedy the situation.
@brotee (25)
• Bangladesh
20 Apr 09
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