EATING IN THE BED... good or bad thing to do?

March 7, 2009 5:06am CST
I found out some of my friends enjoy to eat in the bed before the go to sleep. For me, its not good because before you go to sleep, you need to brush your teeth, to keep it healthy. If you want to have nice and healthy teeth, then dont eat in the bed. The problem here that they eat in the bed and the food particle can still in the bed. You dont know how many ants will sleep with you because of that... My roomates particularly, she will bring snack and biscuits for her before go to sleep. Other one will eat ice cream before go to sleep and this person will brush her teeth before eating ice cream, and after eating ice cream, she will totally sleep. She must be sleeping ice cream person... hmmm... I dont want and i will never want to do such things. If im going to eat before sleep, it must be im totally hungry in the midnight. But i never eat them in the bed, but in living room, while wathing the TV. Before go to sleep, i brush my teeth and wash my face, feet and hands... Then i feel comfortable to sleep. Mylot-ers, do you have such behavior? eating in the bed?
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@lola1991 (45)
• China
7 Mar 09
Dear me!Sleeping with ants!oh my god,you are scaring me!But I know it's not good to eat before go to sleep......meke for can't sleep,and blood pressure is soaring....and,the last and not least,it'll makes you get fat!!!!
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@deebomb (15319)
• United States
7 Mar 09
There is no way I would eat in bed. For one things I wouldn't like to sleep with all those crumbs in my bed. It make me feel gritty just thinking about it. It is also bad for you digestion to eat just before going to sleep. Your poor stomach needs time to rest too. And going to sleep with food particles in your mouth or on your teeth is just disgusting. It may also add to the wight problem that people have.
@vanities (11410)
• Davao, Philippines
10 Mar 09
hi manya...sometimes i do that but during siesta time..i mean when im lazy to go the dining table and want to nibble some nuts while in bed and watching tv as relaxing...yeah i agree with you its not good to eat in bed at night..especially if we dont bother to brush our teeth afterwards..
@skysuccess (8880)
• Singapore
8 Mar 09
manya_pearl, Like you, I detest people eating in their beds, this is because of hygiene and health reasons. I am one who is brought up and accustomed to like having my bed clean and fresh and I always make it a point to shower before getting into bed. I just cannot stand the thought of sleeping with spills, crumbs and/or some leftovers from some dish. Also, it makes the bedroom smell and these in the long run will become odors which will be difficult to manage and rid off. These are the reasons for insects to breed and rodents to appear. All these spills and leftovers do attract quite a lot of unwelcome guests. I do not know if you might be aware - during camping in the outdoors such habits have to be checked as it might even bring harm to ourselves if we are negligent with our ways. I had a camp mate once who had an army of fire ants in his tent right in the middle of the night, all because he had spilled some lemonade mix and lots of cookie crumbs. It is certainly one heck of a painful life lesson there. However, I can understand and accept certain occasions when one is sick and has to confine to the bed. This will be the only exception where I can tolerate having a meal or refreshment on the bed. Other than that, it will usually be a firm NO for me. Have a nice day.