Dancing in the rain...let's recall the happy rainy moments

@liaamur (417)
March 7, 2009 6:56am CST
dance like no one is watching. sing like no one is there to listen. laugh like you've never been hurt before. many of us are faced with these opportunities on a daily basis. with the sad and difficult times, not all would rise to the call. i have been blessed with the opportunity...to do all three at the same time. in the rain. we danced like it wasn't raining torrents. we sang (and shouted) to the rythym of the drums. we laughed at our wet faces. the spectators never kept cheering us on, never retreating from the rain. it was an ecstatic moment; when the rain washes away all your worries, when the wind whispers peace into your heart, when the ground keeps your soul warm and moving forward. it was when you just know that you've finally met--the divine. let's recall all those rainy days that made us smile. and peaceful.
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@pickwick (858)
• India
8 Mar 09
Wow!Lashing rains and cycling from school to home!Getting wet to the core of the skin.The scent of wet mud!The swings in the air which is the speciality of north India.The paper boat in the little streams of water!Oh the nostalgic memories of rainy days!Let it rain this year and I will get drenched again.Maybe sing a song and dance in the rain!
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@liaamur (417)
• Philippines
8 Mar 09
yes! the air is always clean during and after the rain. a good relief from the usual pollution
@Jezebella (1446)
• United States
20 Mar 09
I love dancing in the rain, i think it is so relaxing and so much fun. I have had people looking at me weird for it because I am 26 not a little one anymore, but it's just so refreshing to run out into the rain without any shoes or socks on. I love it.