Food and your genes are related???

March 7, 2009 8:03am CST
According to this article, this diet is the new trend among hollywood stars and oprah's new favourite. Hunters Blood type: O; Personality type: detail-oriented and able to handle stress; Food type: red meat, ocean fish and basmati rice; avoid dairy products and coffee Gatherers Blood type: O or B; Personality type: focused, a problem-solver but tends towards emotional highs and lows; Food type: red meats, herring and sardine, rice and ginseng tea; avoid feta and mozzarella cheese Teachers Blood type: often A, occasionally AB; Personality type: calm and has close links with nature; Food type: mutton, white fish, coffee and green tea but keep chicken intake low; avoid white rice, wheat Explorers Blood type: A, B, AB and O; Personality type: quirky, entrepreneurial; Food type: red meat and poultry, oily ocean fish and basmati rice; avoid coffee Warriors Blood type: A or AB; Personality type: charismatic but occasionally bad-tempered; Food type: no red meats nor poultry; should eat oily ocean fish, brown rice, barley; drink coffee, black tea, red wine Nomads Blood type: B and AB; Personality type: easy-going and fun-loving; keeps emotions hidden; Food type: red meat and white fish; avoid rye and rye flour; beer, red wine and coffee are permissable. It seems being an O, i get to eat those red meat but i have to avoid coffee. has anyone tried this?
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@eoeoeo (125)
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8 Mar 09
Haha no! But this seems like a really cool idea. :D I'm bloodtype AB... good thing that puts me under four different categories. I think I'm a Nomad, I love meat. When I read the topic I was thinking more like lactose intolerant people or something. People who can't eat diary products.
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