@jmhall (143)
United States
March 7, 2009 9:26am CST
Has anyone ever used or any sites like it. I recently came across as a source to get or be a referal for incentive based freebie sites. What I have done so far is joined a couple of sites that offer prizes and cash for referals. So far I have not been scammed by the sponser that I am working with and everything seems to be legit. The offers that you complete seem a little scammy but so long as you follow the terms and conditions I have yet to have any problems. Todate I have earned a total of around $30 minus my cost for completing the offers. I was curious if anyone else has made any money doing this?
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• Canada
19 Mar 09
Yes, anything4free is the best freebie forum around. Not as big as another one, but definitely more user friendly and fun to hang around too --- it's not all business. Incentive sites do work. You just have to do your research and join legit sites.
• United States
7 Mar 09
There are several freebie forums out there right now. Anthing4free is one of the oldest. A newer one is I was going to start a freebie forum myself, but decided against it because of the competition. Now I've decided to just be an instigator and review various freebie sites and other business opportunities.