Advices for you who want to make money online

@maria_k (925)
United States
March 7, 2009 10:13am CST
I have some good advices for you who want to make money on line: 1) ask yourself how much you want to make? $10/month? $50/month? $100/m? $1000/m and work toward this goal. Because no matter how much is your goal you need time to reach. It's obivious that a $10/m goal is easier to reach than $3000/month. But it's all attainable if you have a plan to work toward it. 2) How much time can you work a day? This will help you choose which venues you want. It's not necessary true that the more hrs you work the more you make. When I first start to make make money online I spend 16 h/day and make only 100-200/month. Now I work the same number of hours and make somewhere $2000 -$3000 /month. It's the venue. 3) Open your mind to all possible ways of earning money on line. If you fail get up and start it over agian. Those who afraid to fail will never success in this business. The 2 method of earning online I advice you to stay away at this moment are: auto-surf and hyip. These are games and unless you are an expert, you'll loose money. 4) Read, read and read. Knowedge is money. Spend time in research. Look for a good mentor who will guide to this business. I owe it to mey mentor who is caring and helping me.
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