Mylot haven't updated my EARNINGS...

March 8, 2009 9:39am CST
Hello mylot-ers... I want to know how much i earned for friday until sunday, but mylot havent updated it yet... i wonder, what happened with my account? Im just curious what happened with my payment. mylot-ers... did u experience the same thing? What happened with your account? For me, its not only happened once, but many times, i did online and posted many discussions and they were being commented, and also i won a best response. But i wonder, my earning at that time wasnt counted... Somehow, i had been disappointed by mylot. Mylot... please updated my earning...
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• United States
8 Mar 09
My earnings have not been updated either. Maybe they are trying to cut back like everyone else and not do it during the weekend and just do it on the weekdays. I really dont know what is going on, but im glad to see im not the only one. I just thought maybe i didnt receive any earnings and no big deal as i was commenting on other dicussions and starting my own. Happy Mylotting
• Singapore
8 Mar 09
Just now i checked my earnings in mylot, and its already updated. But i still have my curiosity here, because my friday earnings was not counted. What do you think? Is it possible that they didnt count it? or maybe it was counted as one with saturday? i think its unfair because one day earning is different from another day... because our responses and comments are different in terms of number or discussions and comments being posted... hmmm... Hmmm... mylot... oh mylot... where is my load? hehehe... I hope that this website will be more transparent in case of earnings. Everyone here joined mylot may hoping the same thing... What do you think? I want to send email to mylot, but i cant find one email address or any contact...
@mysdianait (66211)
• Italy
8 Mar 09
The link for contacting them is at the bottom of the page However if it is a question which already appears in the FAQs it ispossible you will not receive a response. Happy Lotting!
@iwrite (5039)
• Singapore
9 Mar 09
Well manya_pearl, I only have 3 cents added recently, in fact I am not too sure why it is so. Perhaps it is because of my low rank. only 6. Give them some time and let them sort out. Maybe by tomorrow your earnings would have growth.