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@reoko10 (578)
United States
March 8, 2009 9:42am CST
Hello every one I am trying to lose weight and I would like to know the best way to work out and burn some calories. What do some of you do to burn a lot of calories? I need to know the best way to burn the most calories I am trying to lose at lease one pound every two days. Can some one help me?
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@oyenkai (4396)
• Philippines
11 Mar 09
One pound every two days is a tall order - but you can do it with good discipline. Count your calories - make sure that you eat less than how much calories you need to maintain then current weight. In addition to that: run! When you run/jog, make sure that you're at it for at least 20 minutes; an hour of jogging would be better. If however you can't jog, then download an exercise routine from the internet - those are pretty effective too. Thanks for the response on my discussion!
• United States
9 Mar 09
The first thing in losing weight is looking at what you are currently eating and your diet. I am not talking about going on an actuall diet, but just the types of food that you are eating now. According to medical research the best excersise to burn calories is jogging. But if you have any health or motor function issues, i.e. joint or muscle problems, I would just advise walking. But burning calories is just not the issue in losing weight, it's the caloric intake and your body's own metabolism and absorbtion rate that counts for real weight loss. Losing two pounds a day is very, very possible. I know it becuase I have done it and went on to losing 25lbs in two months and dropping two pant sizes, which was remarkable in my opinion because I did it in my ice hockey off season, which is where I gain a lot of weight, between April and June. The program I am on, which I have been on for three years now, is so simple and I don't have any fluctuations in my weight, I look and feel great, I have more energy than I ever had in 20 years, got rid of my seasonal allergies and improved my hockey game 100% and it is all due to eating healthier and eating more nutritious meals. An excellent book to check out is "The L.A. Shape Diet" by Dr. David Heber, M.D., Ph.D, Nobel Prize winner, Director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition and also on the medical advisory board for Herbalife International, not only does the book talk about body type and size and nutrition it has a complete section on excercise programs. Then If you are really serious about losing weight and want to know how I did it you can always contact me directly my e-mail or phone and I can give you a Free Personal Wellness Evaluation and explain our programs. Thank you for the post, Your friend, David R. Cobb, M.A.(AAMA) Personal Wellness Coach Healthwerks Herbalife Independent Distributor
• United States
8 Mar 09
This isn't something you'd want to do every day, but rearranging the furniture is a good way to burn calories. If you haven't done it in awhile you might get a chance to burn even more by vacuuming where the dust has been collecting longer than you realized. Okay, this is something I just happened to do yesterday for the first time in I don't know how long. Another way is parking farther from the door than you normally would, and now that winter is almost over it'll be a good way to get fresh air and exercise without freezing.
@kerriannc (4280)
• Jamaica
8 Mar 09
I believe that talking with your doctor is a good way of having a work out plan. Fruits and vegetables are also good at losing weight.
@Archie0 (5175)
8 Mar 09
well 1 pound in 4 days is possible... its not really possible to loose half kg in such a ease dear i am tyring it too. well you can get less on high carb diet and ofcourse fat content. try with warm water mixed with half lemon and one teaspoon of honey. empty stomach and dont eat anything for an hour... try to eat boiled sprouts for breakfast which acts as filling your stomach and you dont even feel much hungry for long, just boil and add a pinch of salt.. for lunch you can eat rotis, vegitble and dal no rice. and night eat dinner earlier and dont sleep fr 2 hours after you eat dinner try some excercsie too like jog or run on spot somthing if not willing for gym.. take care :)
@lonmar71 (89)
• Philippines
8 Mar 09
you can try walking or dancing. taebo is good or hip hop abs. drink lots of water and watch what your eating. eat more fruits and vegetables. try oatmeal in the morning.