How to Choose Shampoo?

@tudors (1556)
March 8, 2009 10:24am CST
before deciding on a shampoo, you need to identify hair type.oily? Normal? or consult your hairdresser. easy, isn't it ? by the way, do you carefully examine your hair type before buying a shampoo ?
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• Hong Kong
9 Mar 09
Yes I buy shampoos according to my hair type and I carefully select my shampoo each time because I think it's crucial to choose the right one for hair in order to keep it nice and healthy!
@LifeGuru (923)
• Canada
8 Mar 09
Just stick to your usual shampoo if it's working out for you because using different shampoos = a good chance of hair loss because of those chemicals that has been used in the shampoo would affect your hair... Now, if you previously had bleached your hair, then use 'dumb blonde' reconstructor, why? to restore the proteins in your hair! Since the bleach has eaten away at it. If you're experiencing hair loss at a young age, then you're never too late to buy hair regrowth or just shave your head and wear a wig till it grows back to normal... :D But honestly, you shouldn't go changing your shampoo all the time because all shampoo brands will say 'gets rid of kinks', 'moisturize dry hair', and so many other things that would say on the commercials that another brand would say about their product also! I'm stuck to Loreal Kids shampoo, it has a good effect on hair like mine and it's less harmful to hair since it won't sting your eyes as it said on the bottle, therefore it is safe! :D Plus children's shampoos are the secret to some person in my school's shiney soft silky locks at school... :o Since people asked them how they got their hair to be like that and that is what they said and they don't lie. Plus they got that tip from some celeb. So I guess people are better off with childrens shampoo. Though it may say childrens it's still a shampoo!!! Oh yeah, straightening your hair's bad for you FYI, because you're technically frying your hair and stuff. So it isn't good for you. O___o Oh and another thing, shampoo companies are all the same with most of the things since they all just want to make money. :P