buying an RV

@Nadinest1 (2035)
March 8, 2009 11:17am CST
Hi. My husband is going tomorrow to buy our 1st RV. It is a 5th wheel camper. Here is the problem: my sister buysand sells rvs from a place that has quite good deals. We talked to her before about buying an RV through my sister, but they charge quite a lot to go get the rvs and deliver them home. We decided to go to this certain dealer and buy the rv anyway and bring home the camper ourselves to save money. I know my sister and husband will be mad about this...thinking that we gouged them by buying the rv from their dealer and not going through them. But I see it this way...if the rv dealer has a web-site then it's open for even me to make a deal with them and buy a camper. My other sister thinks this will make hard times within out family. What do you think we should do...well it doesn't matter, because we decided to go and buy the camper anyway. my husband is a truck driver, so he will have no troubles hauling it home. Nadine
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