Lost a job!! Is it ok to continue study despite of hardships and crisis now?

March 9, 2009 1:13am CST
I also became one of unemployed. A mother of 2 kids who was in a corporate world previously. Working to support my hubby in our finances. A work which i was once became a breadwinner because my hubby was out of job then. I am looking for a way or a means to earn while studying at the same time. Why do i have to study when in times now we are uncertain of what lies ahead for all of us? As for me.. it would just have to continue what i desire to do and could be a worth and lasting career. I am into healthcare category of profession. Do you think its still worth to do it at times of our crisis?
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• India
9 Mar 09
well let me start by saying that i am truly sorry that you have lost your job. The situation out there is really scary with millions of people jobless now. and now since you need to make plans for your future, lets talk about that. What is your husband doing currently? is he doing any other work? Both of you can do some online earning, till you guys a get a steady income.. And if you have money saved up for the rainy day, then you can go ahead and study some courses.. but do keep in mind that, all the jobless people out there would be thinking the same thing.. so no clue if its a good idea or not.
@Hubfee (665)
• Thailand
16 Mar 09
Well, I think nobody is too old to learn. I think it's a good idea to study and look for a part time job to do. the payment for part- time job is not really bad and I think you will probably get more information and degree if you'll continue study. However, if you think that your finances are not enough then I can suggest you 2options. one: is to go aboard and two: to be a saleswoman. you will be surprise and you may find out another lasting career that you never expected.
@rsa101 (37732)
• Philippines
9 Mar 09
For me, I see studying is a good way of improving your marketability for your future employers. But, I feel that since you have mentioned about you being a mother of 2 kids, you will definitely need to work for them too since they also need it badly. I really think you should try to balance things for yourself and your family. So for now if you don't have the budget allocated for studies might as well postpone until you can find a source for it. But don't stop dreaming about improving yourself as it is really important to us working people.
@bluishrose (2289)
• Philippines
9 Mar 09
Forme as long as it desires you then go for it. Maybe losing your job was a sign for you to realize that you still want to pursue your desired course. If money is a big problem then try working and at the same time study. Just focus and concentrate on what you do. Good luck!
@jhanz05 (12)
• Philippines
14 Mar 09
"IF theirs a will, thiers a way".. that would be the better quotes for that case. If you really want that career there will always a way of having it even if it is the time of crisis.and besides, doing that will make you fullfil your life in reality. you will become whole, becase if that career will not be achieved by you there will always be the feeling of regrets for all your life, specially when it is really your line of interest.
@sedeta (19)
• Philippines
15 Mar 09
Before taking another actions, such as your studies, decide if this is what you really want. It will be a WASTE of time, effort, and money if after finishing the second choice and AGAIN telling to yourself that "I am not into this track, I think I should study again." Health care jobs are one of the most in demand careers nowadays. I suggest you should pursue that. I know of people who are already professionals but are shifting to your field. Besides, its not practical for family persons to shift careers if we consider the crisis that we are experiencing. If health care career is what you really desire, continue it and look for another job.