What are the usual things you do or buy during payday

March 9, 2009 4:04am CST
Hello, fellow myLooters...lol! Just a quick question... What are the usual stuffs you buy or do during and after you payday? As for me, I am helping out in the family. One half of my total salary goes to my mother and the rest goes for my whims. Here is my list. 1.) A plate of sumptuous dinner either at McDonald's or Ila Puti. 2.) Occasionally buy new pair of jeans or a shirt 3.) Treat myself to a nail care pampering 4.) Buy my two week ration in the office. This goes for my buiscuits, noodles and candies 5.) Lotion and hygience care products 6.) Little savings
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@LouieWpHs04 (4556)
• United States
5 Apr 09
Ila Puti? What's that? never heard of it. I'm a Gamer, and Scifi-Lover for the most part so I would have to say if I had the money to spare I would probably buy myself a videogame or a scifi movie or show series. I'm big on saving though so if I feel I might need the money later or I plan on investing in something later i'll save it and let it grow and then possibly use it later on down the line. Other things I might use if I had some spare money was fastfood places, hanging out with friends places, etc. Possibly instruments. I recently got into that whole learn to play your own music bit. If you want to make a bit more each month you can check out the blog link in my profile under the picture in my profile or you can also find the link above the banners in my profile =) Fun discussion.