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March 9, 2009 7:32am CST
would you fall inlove to someone you met online? please share your views.
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@laydee (12809)
• Philippines
9 Mar 09
It depends really on your purpose of going online. I believe that people who are desperate of love could find infatuation and false-loves whichever medium they turn themselves in. On the other hand, love doesn't really have a perfect formula or pattern. It does exist and may surprise you the least moment you expect it to pop up. I believe that love could exist. But only if you truly are not desperate to look for it. I discovered that that's possible a few years ago. I had met him online, and we were just friends, chitchatting with all our other online buddies. Consisting of around 6 people scattered all over the world. Yes, we all have the same culture since all of us lived in the Philippines a few years back, but most have lived their lives as new citizens of other countries. Our group was online for fun. No qualms, no pressure, no one is looking for an love affair. We were like kids meeting up for the first time in the park and discovering that we each were a single piece of a jigsaw puzzle. In short, we were all meant to be friends. Constant communication with each showed all of us that we were going to be good friends. But of course, in any friendship, you'd soon find your 'best' friend. I found it in him, and I guess he found that too in me. We were careful enough not to let emotions get into friendship because who ever believed that it's possible to fall in love with someone you haven't met in person, right? But to make the long story short. We did. Now, around 10years have passed. People going their ways, each having different priorities in life (though we still meet up at least once or twice a year online). He soon got married. I now have a boyfriend. But there was one particular moment in time when we talked honestly, about everything. It used to be taboo in both of us to talk about emotions. But finally, we talked about it. There we discovered, we had loved each other truly, from the first time we talked online. But sadly, the distance just got the best of us, and now, we can nothing be more than friends. So, I believe it's possible to be in love with the person you met online. But it's not for everyone. There are lots of people who claim about how they feel, but they know deep inside that they only want to fall in love so much that's why their minds are saying they are in love, but deep down inside their heart, they know it's not real. I could say ours was real. But who ever said that love is always worth it? We may fall in love, but if you love the person, you'd know not to hurt others in pursuit of that love. We decided to ignore the feelings, and now it's too late. He has a family, and I am far. So, I know it's true. But well, perhaps in the next time our paths would meet and that time, we'll be both ready. I no longer talk to him now, neither does he. We agreed not to talk anymore, because we really didn't want anyone hurt. It's better to have life knowing that once something was true. It's better that way, than pursuing a relationship hurting the people we are committed to. But all I can say, is... Indeed it is possible.
@lonmar71 (89)
• Philippines
9 Mar 09
i did a couple of years ago but it didn't work out in the end. it's a long distance relationship. i don't have any problem with that since i'm a one man woman. the problem lies with my ex-boyfriend because he cheated on me.but i'm not saying that you can't have a relationship on line. if the two of you love each other dearly and is committed in the relationship i think it will work out just fine.