have you ever cheated on your partner?

March 9, 2009 9:02am CST
have you ever found yourself being a cheater in a relationship? what makes you to cheat on your partner? does your partner caught you cheating?
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@Elie6208 (58)
• United States
31 May 09
Never, and it would never even cross my mind to do so. I love my man too much and I would never hurt someone I care about this much. He is my everything. And I have it all with him; fun times, chill times, weird times, etc.
@Jezebella (1446)
• United States
10 Mar 09
I never cheated in a relationship. I honestly dont see the point. I have been cheated on in the past and it destroyed me. So I couldnt imagine cheating on anyone I am dating and doing the same thing to them.
• Philippines
9 Mar 09
yes I did with my ex-bf. It was not intentional, I had a bitter experience regarding with my relationship with my ex-bf. I was an abused by verbal that my ex did. He was not nice with me sometimes. We always argued in with non sense things. Jealousy is the main reasons of our misunderstandins that lead sometimes in physically hurting. I can't get out of that relationship that so easy, because he always warn me that he will ruin my reputations with my family and friends. This really get me scared. Until I met this guy he was my classmate from my other subject in college. He was nice and fun to be with, honestly he became my shoulder to cry on everytime I had a serious fight with my ex-boyfriend. Yes I admit I fell inlove with that guy co'z he was so nice and gentle to me. He always listen to all my pain and problems regarding with my ex-bf. Luckily I found out that my ex-bf was cheating on me too, I got a big chance to get out of our relationship. I broke up with him and never came back in that relationship with him. I've been starting to date with the guy I met which he became my source of happiness during that sobbing time. Unfortunately my relationship with that guy didn't last, we parted co'z he need to go abroad and work. I admitted that it was painful because It made me realize that he's the one i'm looking for and all that dreams went for nothing. Well that's not I considered a karma, I became true to myself and expressed my feelings to that guy who been my constant date when I'm still with my ex-bf. I thought that if my ex-bf been nice to me it would let me fall to other guy who been nice to me and a listener.