What about martial law in the U.S.A. ?

@ClassyCat (1214)
United States
March 9, 2009 10:24am CST
I've been doing some googling, after someone told me that Obama wants to set up a "Security Force" in America. It's amazing how many things that most Americans would object to, are now being given a more politically correct term, so as to be more acceptable, by 'non-thinking' people. The actual term: Security Force sounds good / nice and safe - - but in reality, it amounts to nothing less than a militia. This is something one hears about within the context of nations under a dictatorship, and it could be imposed on us, if the American people don't pull their head out of the sky, and start researching things - especially if this is a fact, that can be proven. Have you heard anything on this? Facts please - - -
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@jonesy123 (3950)
• United States
9 Mar 09
That came up as soon as he mentioned it during his campaign. Police, military, national guard, simply not enough, we need a National Security Force of people to keep us safe in our homes.... Alarms went off immediately, especially for those people who came from countries with such National Security Forces.... neighbor spying upon neighbor, all in the name of keeping each other safe... You are on the right track, but a lot of people just simply don't want to face it because they think it simply can't happen here in America. Newsflash, the Germans didn't think that Hitler would turn out to be a dictator, until it was too late and speaking up was outlawed and could cost you your life. We all can only hope that yes, only good intentions are really meant, and if not, that congress will be alert enough not to let it all go. I surely hope that in two years, when we have another round of federal elections, people might reconsider and that having no checks and balances isn't good. One party shouldn't have the majority everywhere to the point that they can pass things behind closed doors and nothing can be done about it.
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@xfahctor (14126)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
9 Mar 09
I need to correct you on something. A true militia is a citizen force, run by the citizens. I'm still fuzzy as to what Obama meant and have seen all sorts of interpretations. I do know this much, there are states that have a specific state guard, who's job is to guard a state, under the command of the governor and not part of the national guard. Other states our now considering the same thing. I am presuming any "force" Obama will be militarizing will be under federal controll. To use such a federalized force on united states soil for civil policing or any thing other than defense of foriegn invasion, is blatently ilegal except under very strict and specic and limited constitutional condition. Bush tried to usurp this one himself but it was repealed quickly and posse comitatus is still the standing law of the land, superceding any executive order or note added to such a repeal by executive order. My state is one such state considering a standing state military, though our state constitution forbids it, EXCEPT by action of our legislature. So there is a house bill now to create such a defense force, a force that is only answerable to the people of New Hampshire. This bill was drafted as way to enforce the state soviergnty bill that was recently side railed here (not through with that one just yet). It was determined by the bills author, that such a move as the enforcement of the terms of the soveirgnty triggers in the resolution, that it would not be so, well nicely recieved by the general government when they discovered that they no longer had jobs. So we began this latest. Any declaration of martial law here, must go through our goveror, it is ultimately up to our state. So any declaration of martial law by the general government, may well not even be recognized by our state under our soviergnty resolution and the refusal to do so backed by a state military. Also, any citizen of this state, by legislation I am drafting for our legislature, would be prohibited in partaking of federal military enforcement of civil law on U.S. soil as well. Gotta stay two steps ahead of these worms at all times, lol.
@peavey (16906)
• United States
9 Mar 09
I hadn't heard of this one yet, but it's in keeping with his more and more obvious agenda. I keep hearing a distant roar of an uprising and this morning I was thinking that if they don't use American troops against Americans, it won't matter. The United Nations will be called in. Kind of gave me a chill, but we need to wake up and see what is possible.