First earthquake experience

March 9, 2009 10:11pm CST
I live in melbourne, Australia. things have been pretty hectic here with the intense bushfires and fluctuating temperatures and to top it off few nights ago i was sitting home alone in bed on my laptop, it was about 9pm when all of a sudden i heard a deep loud rumble and moments later my house and everything began to shake. I have never been in an earthquake before and this only measured a 4.7 on the rictar scale. but it was extremely scary none the less because i had no idea what was happening. It gave me a slight perspective of how scary it would be to be in a large damaging earthquake. have you ever experienced anything like this?
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@seamotive (144)
• China
10 Mar 09
Have you heard of TANGSHAN earthquake,it took hundreds of thousands of lives,that city is my hometown,fortunately,at that time I was not born.But few years later,in 1989,I experienced the earthquake,which happen on noon,while my parent were preparing the lunch,we felt the ground began to shake,my father cried:"earthquke!",we ran to out,but it stopped after seconds.It really a horrific experience!
@nikky28 (1572)
• India
10 Mar 09
Oh I hope you are alright! I have never had a decent earthquake experience but once I heard something like an explosion. I thought it was the electricity transformers. People then began to talk that it was a mild earthquake with the epicentre being far away. There was one other occassion supposedly where the earth shook mildly in the night. I slept totally through it lol. I read it in the newspaper the next day.