Out Manned and Out gunned

United States
March 10, 2009 4:18am CST
Today you hear this alot. The police force is out manned, they are out gunned. The gangs are larger and have stronger weapons than the police force. This has to change if we are to win the war against domestic terrorism. Terrorism is alive and well right on the streets of America. Each time someone is afraid to go out alone, they suffer from terrorism. These gangs know this. They also know that they have more guns and more manpower than the law enforcement. So they use this to their advantage. I was glad to hear that the stimulus package has included 2.5 million dollars for Monroe County NY and Rochester. This is mainly for more policemen and more prosecuters. Because if you can arrest them, you need to put them away for a long time. If you cant prosecute, no since in arresting. I think that more of the crime ridden cities in the US should recieve these funds. They should use the no tolerance on crime statue. Where more cops on the streets. Put cops on each street where there is a problem. I think that it will help the law enforcement officers take the power back. At least tip the scale a little into their favor.
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