My male friend want to become a monk!!!

@cindyhxf (1446)
March 10, 2009 8:29am CST
this is really male friend told me that he wants to become a monk.he went to temple several days ago and wanted to stay there rest of his life.he just 40 years old now.his x- wife left him went for other man. now he is living with his son with 15 years old.we chated online sometimes and i think he is rather pessimistic in his life.he thought son is the only power and he won't get married again .i knew he told to me just be a good friend.maybe he needed some ideas from me.but i really didn't know how to comfort him.he got hurt a lot from his ex-wife.he had no confidence to love again and want to become a monk,if that case,he will escape from earthliness. How do you think about my friend? what i should say to him? or just let him choose his life?
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@williamjisir (22821)
• China
16 Mar 09
Hello cindyhxf. I am so sorry for his unfortunate marriage, but I don't think that there is nothing that he cannot get over. So long as he is still full of hope, there is always someone next to him as his new spouse. I think that he needs to have someone to give him some advice to help him cheer up with a big smile in his life...Good day to you, cindy.
@nickwu (42)
• United States
11 Mar 09
Yes, he is unfortunately.In my opinion, everybody like him will lose heart to love again.Maybe become a monk is a good way to him, The life style in temple may make him forget the misfortunate some years later.
@Krisneil (577)
• Philippines
10 Mar 09
What can I say.. Just support him in what he wants.. maybe that his calling,, his happiness surround the things he want to do.XDD