STILLBIRTH (why are people afraid to discuss it?)

March 10, 2009 7:25pm CST
Stillbirths are becoming more common and people never want to talk about it. There is a charity called sands that no one knows about because no one ever advertises it as if it should be hidden. Stillbirth is a horrible thing to happen but i think women especially should be aware of it. im 20years old and had a stillbirth last year at FULL TERM!! People act like it is nothing and just a shame but who cares!!!, but she was a baby MY DAUGHTER that i bonded with, she looked like a sleeping baby there was nothing wrong with her perfect in every way. She had not one health problem and my pregnancy was perfect and the reason her heart failed was because of a cord accident while i was in labour. It was twisted too tight for too long so her oxygen was cut off and she could only hold her breath for 15mins but the cord releases too late. Most people think stillbirths only happen to women who have health problems or abuse there body but i want people to realise stillbirths happen in perfectly healthy pregnancys to perfectly healthy mothers. Also people who say you should not have photos up of your baby WHY THE HELL NOT??? i ahev a photo up off my daughter no one has said anything as everyone thinks she is alive in the photos because she jsut lookes perfect. I hate people who judge it and you have no clue of how it feels or how to cope and deal with it until you have lost a baby in this way or soon after the birth. I wish i had knowen about stillbirths before i had one maybe i could have understood it more, i found it extremely difficult after losing her and planning a funeral is the hardest thing to do. Leaving the hospital after 3days staying with her seeing her changing slowly not hearing her cry was heartbreaking and hard. I love her so much and she will always be my first daughter i will never stop talking about her or having pictures of her as i am proud to be her mother.
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11 Mar 09
Im so sorry for your loss. It is so unfortunate that this kind of thing happened to innocent babies. And this kind of situation is nobodys fault. it could happened to anybody. I have a friend who gave birth a couple of months ago, she is supposed to deliver the baby normally but when the doctor check the head of the baby she found out that the umbilical cord is coming out first and that it is around the babies neck. It's a good thing she found it at the earliest and that they have to do C section immediately to save the baby. What im trying to say is, nobody could judge you for this kind of thing. Things happened, but this is the most terrible thing to happen to a mother. I am a mother too and carrying my second one. My heart gave out to you.
11 Mar 09
Thankyou for your comment and congrats on your second pregnancy :), it is scary thinking about losing a baby especially with the cord accidents that happen. When my brother was being born the cord was rapped around his neck but the midwife was able to release it which was lucky. Im glad your friends baby was saved. Take care