Do you think that we should start spending money to help earth?

March 10, 2009 10:14pm CST
Do you think we should stop making money from burning fossil fuels and cutting down trees( including the rainforest) and help the earth by planting massive amounts of trees, inventing full eco-cars, making homes and growing plants on them so we have development and plants? Do you think we should step up and save our planet? Explain yourself.
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@Tahmas (4)
• Pakistan
14 Mar 09
Yes i think that we should spend money for helping earth. Like funding money for charity, government and country
• Philippines
11 Mar 09
I think , local govt. should initiate a program or actions that everybody else follows, we should start recycling items and have it turned into something that would be valuable. green now these days is in, we should star save the Earth for our children.
@scheng1 (24701)
• Singapore
11 Mar 09
haha, this question sounds like a science project. Especially the part "Explain yourself." If it is your school assignment, then think about it yourself, dont be lazy. If it is not your school assignment, think about it from another angle. What makes you think that burning fossil fuels is a way of making money? Without cutting trees, will the trees live forever? Trees do die, without us to chop them down, they will grow much taller, but ultimately still will burn down in a forest fire or rot away.
@janisvg18 (182)
• Singapore
11 Mar 09
100 percent yes! we spend all our money creating things that eventually will harm the environment. one example: plastic. why not create something that we can use (like plastic) but is not harmful to the environment? we have to help earth in every simple way we can... spending money or none spent at all.