what was the most embarassing thing you did while drunk?

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March 10, 2009 10:47pm CST
What is the most embarassing thing you ever did while drunk? Once when I was in college I was hanging with my boyfriend on this riverside beach at night where lots of people used to gather and drink. I was already very drunk and someone started playing a song I knew, and I got really excited and started jumping around and then took off my shirt and skirt and jumped off the dock into this small boat and the whole thing capsized. It was only then that my boyfriend realized I had wandered off and that the person thrashing around in their underwear in the water was me, and he had to jump in and haul me out.
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11 Mar 09
Lol! Great question! Well for me, I have alot unfortionatly but this one seems to stick out. One night drinking with some friends, we were sitting outside and another one of our friends pulled up. So you get the picture right, this girl that stopped by already had huge boobs, and on top of that she was now pregnant, and that made her boobs even bigger! So her and I were sitting on the steps side by side and it was dark, and me...very tipsy! As we were sitting there I started rubbing her belly and saying "AWWW, little baby" with excitment. And she said "that's not the baby. it's my boob!" I had been rubbing her boob the entire time, thinking it was her pregnant belly! I felt so dumb! With the combination of her huge boobs, it being dark, and me being drunk, I guess it was hard to tell the difference! And now I run into her seldomly, but everytime I do I think of that moment!
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12 Mar 09
hahahahahahha ohhhh man
@besthope44 (12135)
• India
22 Aug 10
I drink soft drinks and never tried it.Any thing small quantity is safe.
@nytrisco (567)
• Philippines
14 Mar 09
When I was at college, my friends and I were drinking at the bar and ended up so late at around 1 in the morning. When I was at the parking lot, I can't seem to find my car. I tried to walked and search every columns to find my car and to no avail I seek help from a guard. It took us 30mins searching for my assumed lost car but then it hits me, I parked my car at the east wing of the parking and we were looking at the west wing.
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14 Mar 09
My most embarrassing drunk moment happened at a Christmas party years ago. They were adding a new bedroom and bathroom at the house we were partying at. The toilet was fully functional but there was only one wall actually up (I don't know why). The owners of the house put up some plywood as makeshift walls for privacy when someone used the toilet. As I was using the toilet I passed out and fell back taking the plywood down with me. My pants were down to my ankles. There were at least 20 people that saw me. As I woke up from the fall I could here a girl's voice calling me a pervert! I never again allowed myself to get that bad.
@reoko10 (578)
• United States
11 Mar 09
I did this when I was at home with my hubby and the kids were going I was so drunk because we don't get to do this very much you know we have kids and all, but I was drunk and I went to use the bath room and as I am sitting there I get up and fall and hit my head on the bathroom door with my pants still down. I say at lease only my hubby saw that and I was in my house when it happen so it wasn't that bad.